Transforming Meetings,

Focused provides the framework, methodology, & technology for teams to streamline meetings, reduce admin, & increase levels of engagement. 

This Is How We Started


Developed an activity monitoring application & phone storage device to consciously stack and silence phones in the meeting room.


Selected to be part of Overkill Venture’s,  a Nordic-based angel fund, mentorship programme.


Begin developing FOCUSED WebApp and Chrome Plugin to embrace the shift in focus from improving the effectiveness of in-person meetings to remote meetings.  


Launch FOCUSED MVP & Tribe Training programme to help  entrpreneurs & team leads conduct better meetings

During 15 years of event planning, Austin saw first-hand how company culture can not be developed or fixed outside the workplace. Despite tens of thousands of euros being spent, companies were missing a fundamental piece of the culture 'jigsaw'. I had orchestrated a corporate retreat for a high growth tech firm and whilst sitting in the conference room I looked around at the tired, hungover eyes of all attendees and thought to myself there must be a better way of building an engaged workforce than this.

This presented quite a major problem - company culture has to be developed and nurtured internally - and the prime opportunity for people to relate with one another is during a meeting. Yet meetings typically have a very bad reputation and understandably so! In the new normal, 80% of managers’ time is spent in remote meetings! Is this time well spent?

Meetings have become dysfunctional, participants distracted and decisions rarely made, costing companies millions in lost productivity.   As a comparison. A Formula 1 car is loaded with over 200 sensors providing teams big data analytics to overtake their rivals both on and off the grid. Why are companies not implementing any systems to optimise time and drive team meeting performance...despite so much time being spent in meetings? 

Companies with Global teams are going to have to invest more into meeting management to ensure that relationships develop in the same way as they might inside and outside of the office and to track progress based on performance, not proximity.

Our Core Values


Trust takes time, work & consistency

Listen Actively

Understand before being understood



Embrace the Struggle

Transparent in Actions

Let Go of the Ego


in Attitude

Ok to Make Mistakes

'Excellence is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice. We do not act ‘rightly’ because we are excellent. In fact, we achieve excellence by acting rightly'.  PLATO.

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