Our Vision


To grow trust in teams by nurturing meaningful meeting cultures.


Our Mission  


To improve organisational health by enhancing meeting productivity!

Collective Values

Passionate active listeners

in the community, with our partners and clients, and with those we are closest to.


Transparent in our actions and ideas,

to help foster trust and respect in order to make better decisions.


Entrepreneurial spirit to seek opportunities

when most see impossibility. Embrace the struggle.


Optimistic, with a can-do attitude,

and demonstrate a willingness to learn from our mistakes.


Family first,

always take time for 'deep play'.


GetFocused creates meeting rhythms that set you free!  

Establishing clearer lines between work & playtime.

Chief Vision Officer

Austin Nicholas

Seasoned Entrepreneur, 2005 established: 

www.traveloutthere.com building trust in teams

for GOOGLE, Nestle, Booking.com, Shell, TDK.


GetFocused is the brain-child of Austin Nicholas, a serial entrepreneur based out of Riga. Over the last 15 years, while developing Travel Out There, a company that offers off-site and team-building retreats to clients across Europe, Austin came to the realisation that company culture can not be developed or ‘fixed’ outside the workplace and comments:

“Company culture has to be developed and nurtured internally and the health of an organisation directly correlates with the health of its meeting culture.  Yet, meetings have become dysfunctional, participants distracted and decisions rarely made, costing companies millions in lost productivity. The sudden huge shift to virtual meetings makes it even more challenging to run effective meetings. 

Working from home has its advantages, time saved from commuting, fewer distractions from co-workers, and saving money on office space. Yet many people are becoming terribly lonely and struggling to differentiate their time between work and play. Whether it becomes a more effective and efficient ‘new normal’ will depend greatly on companies developing a meeting culture where decision-making becomes habitual and employees engage with one another effectively - time to “GetFocused”.

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