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STEP 1 - Complete 3 minute Scorecard
STEP 2 - Schedule Call (using Calendly)
STEP 3 - Understand ways to improve your Meeting Culture


Since 2005, we have been serving as trust architects, for the likes of Google, Quadrotech & Nestle.  The number one question we are constantly being asked is: 'How can I improve the effectiveness of my team meetings?'.

The biggest mistake that leads to an under-performing and ineffective working culture is not implementing any systems to effectively manage productivity whilst offering a flexible remote work culture. 

We designed this 3-minute scorecard to identify the main factors that are preventing you from uniting highly effective remote teams. Included are recommendations that you can put into place immediately to connect your workforce & unlock the key foundations for growth!

Completing the Scorecard is essential for Austin to complete his preparation to maximise your time together in the exclusive Free 30-minute Strategy Session