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The 7 Habits of highly focused meetings 

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Working from home has its advantages:

• time saved from commuting, 

• fewer distractions from co-workers 

• Employers saving money on office space. 


Whether it becomes a more effective and efficient new normal will depend on developing a meeting culture that addresses some of the issues highlighted in a recent online survey:


• 25% of respondents say working from home has had a negative impact on their productivity. The main reason cited was that it takes longer to get answers and information from co-workers. Decisions are not being made.

• 43% of those working from home say they are communicating with their colleagues less than they did before and becoming terribly lonely.


During this webinar you will learn how to start digitally transforming your meeting culture to help increase team productivity and engagement. 


Our Mission:

• Make effective meetings a habit.

• Fueling a meaningful meeting culture

• Driving better decision-making.


Helping companies to optimise meetings so that your employees can spend more time on the things that really matter. Whether it be focused on work, time connecting with colleagues/family/friends, or staying physically and mentally fit! 

We believe the health of an organisation directly correlates with the health of its meeting culture.  NOW is the time to adapt your meeting culture to ensure, not only your employees stay healthy but also your company!


STOP Wasting Time in Pointless Meetings!

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