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GetFocused with Nir Eyal!

How doing my 'Homework' made me realise I work in the 'Happiness Industry!'

After leaving school and university when does one get the same opportunity to study in the same way as one did, or perhaps did not, prepare for an exam? When did you last set yourself a piece of homework?

Reflecting back to my ‘academic years’ there were subjects that would burn the midnight oil, jacked up on coca-cola, the night before. In the hope that I could cram enough information in my head, only to realise during the exam, that I was woefully unprepared. Often these were the subjects I was not so ‘passionate’ about.

Subjects that I enjoyed more and ‘drip-fed' my learnings with desire became ‘integrated’...predominantly by doing my homework on time. I had no problems with answering the questions with confidence and depth. I soon realised leanings have to be" integrated" with repetitive action!

Fast forward 20 odd years. My meeting with Nir Eyal reminded me of my school days. I was fortunate enough to work my way up the waiting list to have a 15-minute 1-2-1 meeting with Nir.

I had read Nir’s excellent book ‘Hooked’ 4 months before our meeting (this is how long the waiting list is) and was totally in alignment with Nir’s practical and thoughtful explanation of creating habit-forming products.

The Problem!

I had yet to apply them and integrate them fully. I had not done my homework. I was so wrapped up in my own business & methodology I had not taken the opportunity to really go deep on ‘drip feeding’ his suggestions and techniques.

The night before our meeting, I had done some last-minute research and had prepared questions that I would like to ask...yet I had not walked Nir’s talk! For a 15 minute meeting with an Author who had spent over 5 yrs researching and worked with many of the biggest tech companies on the planet..... I should have prepared more in-depth and fully completed all the associated worksheets that accompanied the book. In hindsight, I should have begun implementing as soon as I had read the book and shared with Nir my findings and lessons.

When Nir asked what was the hook for GetFocused…. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights, I stumbled on my words and could not give a clear answer. If i had completed his course notes, implemented the theory and tried to radically emphasise what questions Nir might ask me (rather than me simply asking questions)...I woud have been prepared.

I came away from this meeting really pissed off with myself. I felt like I blew it.... but the advice Nir gave was spot on, and despite not perhaps playing my best game, I still took away some incredible lessons.

The Lessons! (Quotes from Nir)

There are team meetings for building consensus and there are team meetings for building culture. Often these do not overlap - you need the right tool for the job - ie the right purpose for each meeting”.

GetFocused's A-F meeting rhythm supports this observation.

Action Plan, Brainstorming and Decision-Making Meetings are about building consensus.

Check-in’s, Exercise, and Fun Meeting meetings are about building culture.

Download The 7 Habits for Highly Focused Meetings Ebook for more information on meeting rhythms.

“Scheduling Meetings is too easy and often people do not prepare an agenda...WHY the hell not?”

GetFocused provides a little bit of friction before scheduling a meeting by encouraging participants to list of up to 3 key objectives / questions they would like to discuss. This does not involve creating a 3 page pdf agenda...we simply ask those participating in the meeting to unite on objectives in advance.

“Need to spend more time understanding the the Trigger (and complete all the resources associated with the book)..I spent 5 years researching and writing this is all there!’

This is still work in progress for me...I am pleased to say I have now completed all the exercises and invested some much needed time digging deeper on GetFocused’s core - our north star. I am navigating towards a more purposeful driving force. (Reinforced after reading Scott Harisson’s AWESOME book Thirst - you must read this).

People are becoming frustrated and tired of wasting time in pointless, unproductive meetings.

This frustration - leads people to adopt unfocused habits. The most common one, aiming to 'multitask' during meetings. Not giving the people you are connecting with your focused attention and time.

To give purpose to your meetings, you need to change the mindset, that then leads to focused habits that builds trust in teams.

The Conclusion

To conclude i begun reflecting on my own 3 key pillars for happiness: Close connections, sense of optimism and high self-esteem.

And how can GetFocused be able to help others become happier? Meetings are the first vehicle for us helping drive happiness...

  • Driving engagement to help forge close connections.

  • Gaining clarity to feed optimism

  • And recognising performance to build self-esteem

By streamlining meetings GetFocused frees up more time to spend on things that really do matter. Time well spent with those that matter.

Therefore from my meeting with Nir, despite not going entirely to plan, has made me conclude that GetFocused is not in the meeting sector, but in the happiness industry...Exciting and happy times ahead!!

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