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Train 'Reactions' to Achieve Outcomes!

Focused - your trust architects for remote teams


Since 2000, Austin has been serving as an event manager and ‘trust architect' for the likes of Google,, & Nestle. He trains high-growth companies on a range of topics, often building further on his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Focused Founders.

These include:

  • Mindset to remove the remoteness from remote meetings & develop relationships in the same way as they might in the office.

  • Habits to streamline, reduce admin, & increase levels of engagement in your meetings.

  • Rhythms that free up more time to focus on the things that really matter.

  • Click here to see an example agenda for a Focused Mastermind

Austin is an expert in group dynamics, group processes, team building, decision making and consensus-building. With over 20 years experience building trust in teams. (see Linkedin). During the retreat he will help manage the group discussion and ensure that fear, lack of trust, or complacency does not creep into the room, hence promoting an atmosphere where everyone is wanting to actively participate.  


Acting like a referee on a sports field or conductor in an orchestra. Austin will explain the rules, keep the structure / format goal orientated, schedule accordingly and help ensure that everyone has a chance to shine. His sole interest is in helping you have a successful retreat.

It is very difficult for a retreat participant to serve as the facilitator.  Participants, if correctly selected to attend the retreat, do have a stake in the outcome of the discussions.  For this reason, expecting the CEO or a manager of the company, to facilitate the retreat is often a poor choice. This interest makes it very challenging for them to also serve as a neutral group facilitator. 


In order to make your off-site have a great value for all your participants, Focused strongly recommends allowing Austin to play an active part. Austin can facilitate the off-site in its entirety or be incorporated within your program to help meet the the event's key objectives.  

Austin believes that one of the biggest concerns in companies today is a workforce that is not aligned with goals and vision, employees who don't communicate clearly or lack trust in themselves or others.  We are here to fix that with facilitated events and programs. 

Kickstart the 5 STEP 'FOCUSED' Plan NOW!

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