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'Beam In' Great Minds

Interact with Key People of Influence & Interest!

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'Beam In' Great Minds to help your company develop the reactions to achieve your desired outcomes. Our our event managers handle all the operational requirements. Together they make the perfect team to ensure you all make the most of the limited and valuable time that they are all together. 


There is no problem to incorporate the trainer / keynote to your event in person, but in these highly connected times we live in, a very cost effective, and equally engaging option, is to Beam In.


We incorporate a catchbox (the throwable microphone) to drive more audience engagement during the Q 'n A session and enable 1-2-1 discussions with the guest speaker after the keynote.


Designed to help Entrepreneurs, CEO's, HR Directors & aspiring managers, of rapidly growing companies, develop themselves into better leaders by seeking best practices, big ideas, bold vision and a network of trusted peers. Encouraging everyone to value their connections, communicate with purpose and seek solutions through effective collaboration!

Beam In

Past 'Beam In's'

Get Results in Sales & Marketing with Grant Leboff 

A live stream with Grant Leboff, one of the U.K's leading Sales and Marketing experts. Followed by a facilitated purposeful communicating session.

The Power of a Personal Brand to Skyrocket Your Business with Inga Ezera 


People buy from people they know, like & trust. It’s a common truth. Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not there. It is based on their perception about you which can be formed even without knowing you personally.

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Communication with Human Beings is not logical...It's Biological with John K Bates


The best way to predict the future is to invent it. And, communication is the key; you quite literally speak the future into existence. You want to survive and thrive, so you need to be agile and learn to pivot as the ground shifts beneath your feet. 


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How to become a Key Person of Influence with Daniel Priestley


During this workshop, Daniel will show you how you can increase your inbound opportunities and referrals, charge a premium for your product/service, get featured regularly in the media, have a greater sense of purpose in business and overall, become the key person of influence within your industry.

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How to become more Brave to do Amazing Things with Caspar Craven


Casper Craven is an entrepreneur and an adventurer who believes in challenging conventional thinking on how leaders and teams become successful and manage to achieve goals. 

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"Daniel Priestley's advice was what I really needed because I have hit a brick wall in terms of attracting clients and now I realise that my pitch was AWFUL!!! Thank you for your philanthropy in getting a brilliant mind like Dan's to share his insight with us" Patrick 26th April

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