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Helping Brands across Industries build a connected meeting culture 

FOCUSED will also transform the way you conduct internal meetings

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Build team meeting rhythms

Create more effective, efficient and engaging meetings with our meeting rhythm planner. 

Choose your meeting type and let Focused help you plan the perfect meeting frequency, length and objectives to achieve the best results. Invite team members directly in meetings, take notes and set tasks to make sure everyone is on the same page.

A healthy meeting rhythm is the first step to improved meeting culture.

Access powerful meeting insights

Understanding how effective your meetings are. With our insights tool, you can now get a true indication of whether your meetings are delivering a positive outcome. 


Report on meeting attendance completed tasks and get feedback on whether attendees found the meeting useful. 

Use these insights to improve future meetings, creating a more connected  meeting culture for your team and the company

Create meeting action points

Focused offers quick access to meeting action points. Set tasks based on the meeting agenda and review in future meetings.

Access your task board at any time and check off action points as they are completed.  

No additional task manager is needed, just a simple, effective set & check. Make sure that your meetings are achieving their purpose by reviewing actions points discussed in previous meetings. 

Track task completion rate to assess if the action points set are being achieved.  

Measure meeting quality & effectiveness

Satisfying to routinely conduct purposeful virtual meetings and engage with your remote team in just a few clicks. Each meeting type is designed to help you become more productive, from check-ins to brainstorms creating your meeting rhythm could not be easier.

Rewarding to review progress and optimise time by staying focused on what matters. Focused core value is to help you get more insights into your meetings. Our reports are clear and designed to deliver the information you need to improve your meeting culture.

Question Intelligence + Listening Intelligence = Market Intelligence

Features for Sales Teams

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems".

James Clear

Follow a successful proven structure for your discovery calls with Focused and unlock your team's full potential with our sales performance tool.  Our software enables you to evaluate the strategy and script of your discovery calls.  Providing objective feedback to help your team stay Focused on the habits and techniques that drive results. 

Focused Team API Integrations

Full API Integrations

Focused integrates seamlessly with your Google Calender and video conferencing platforms Google Meets & Zoom.  In today's virtual business world, establishing a personal connection with potential customers is more important than ever. Focused motivates camera usage during the call, making it easier for you to build rapport and establish trust with the customer. 

Focused Team Talk Time Insights

Talk Time Insights

Maintaining a balanced conversation during a discovery call is essential to building a strong relationships. Tracking talk time ratio, helps ensure that you are not dominating the conversation and that the customer has ample opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns. This helps you build a relationship of trust and mutual respect, which is key to converting leads into loyal customers.

Focused Team Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting

Focused allows you to easily track the number of calls you make per day, ensuring that you are consistently meeting your daily target. By keeping track of your call activity, you can identify patterns and adjust your strategy accordingly to ensure that you, and all of your team, are making the most out of your time and resources. Smart reporting builds performance teams by ensuring best practices are maintained by all!

Focused Team Question Templates Meetings

Question Templates

 By creating a Focused script, the user can ensure they ask all the right questions and gather all the necessary information during the call. The feature allows for customization of prompts and questions to guide the conversation and ensure that the call stays on track.  This helps the user to create a more engaging conversation and build a better rapport with the caller, leading to a more successful discovery call.

Focused Team Efficient analysis

Efficient Analytics 

Punctuality is a crucial aspect of professionalism in any business setting.  By starting and finishing calls on time, you show the customer that you value their time and are committed to meeting their needs in a timely and efficient manner.  Evaluate and Focus on the topics and techniques to increase close rates and optimise sales cycles for you and your team as a whole.

Focused Team Engaging Interactions

Engaging Interactions

It's easy to get carried away and talk too much during a discovery call, but this can be counterproductive and can even turn off potential customers. Focused tracks the length of your monologues and interruptions. By keeping your monologues short and to the point, you can make the most of your time and and keep the customer engaged and interested.

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