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How an Introverted Dyslexic Got Focused on What Matters?

As with many entrepreneurs products are formed when you need to 'scratch your own itch'. I am an introverted dyslexic that has an exceedingly poor memory. I was wanting to find a system that could help me create (and remember) plans, set goals and most importantly stick to them. I have a tendency to suffer from shiny new penny syndrome, hence, it can be a challenge to avoid distractions and remain focused. Especially in a time when the world seems to be suffering from a serious case of information obesity!

With respects to my own mental health. I used to really struggle to stay in the 'middle lane'. I started to identify during periods of 'darker days' my time lacked structure. I felt like no progress was being made and I would slowly ground to a halt. Not wanting to do anything or see anyone. As an entrepreneur and CEO it can feel incredibly lonely.

Yet, there were also times when I felt like I was in the fast lane. Running at great guns and often ignoring the 'warning signs and traffic lights' that were flashing up in front of me as I motored along. During these times, when I traversed into this lane, it can feel fun and exhilarating but it is a dangerous lane to be in. Drugs and alcohol can serve to accelerate people into the fast lane, effectively making them feel untouchable. However, these rides can often end with a crash.

I begun to realise that to cruise in the middle lane required a system of habits that serve as the actions for success. GetFocused has helped me shape a mindset to establish these habits to focus on what matters and remain happy cruising in the middle lane. Focusing on the things that are in your circle of influence and you can control. This is increasingly evident during the last 18 months of incredible uncertainty.

GetFocused was born!

Providing systems and structure when communicating with others, helps an introverted dyslexic like myself appreciate and enjoy communicating / sharing with others at a pace that everyone can align with. It provides you with the framework to manage the balance between being highly productive in all areas of your life. Let me share with you some of the key driving features.

Recording Information

When you struggle remembering facts, figures and details. The process of writing and recording information instantaneously helps you join the dots, on what can feel like a constant scatter gun of thoughts and ideas, and hence help everyone keep you focused on what matters.

Give Everyone a Say

Monitoring levels of engagement in real time ensures that everyone has an opportunity to share their opinion and ideas. This encourages the more introverted types to have a say and the more extraverted to listen more actively. It creates more balance and drives a diversity of opinion without fear of wrong doing. Developing a sense of respect and understanding amongst all team members. Through relating you develop relationships.

Routine Sets you Free

Developing a routine of meetings with purpose may seem daunting and uninspiring. However, by doing so it enables gives everyone in the team the solid foundations to build trust and unite on goals. Trust takes time, work and consistency…without this the team lack motivation and direction to strive for excellence. Enabling everyone to 'manage the balance'.

Share Goals with People you admire.

New research out of The Ohio State University finds that people tend to be more committed to their goals after they share them with someone who they see as “higher status,” or whose opinions they respect. By creating focused teams and committing to a routine you will earn the respect and trust from one another. Setting, sharing and becoming accountable to your head, heart and health goals increases the likelihood of you achieving them. You will never want to be the one who does not fulfil their goals that could let yourself down as well as the team.

Developing Psychological Safety in Teams

The highest-performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety — the belief that you won’t be punished when you make a mistake. Studies show that psychological safety allows for moderate risk-taking, speaking your mind, creativity, and sticking your neck out without fear of having it cut off — just the types of behavior that lead to market breakthroughs.

Focused Teams have high levels of psychological safety. In order to achieve high levels of psychological safety, teams must create a strong sense of belonging by driving high levels engagement and empathy. GetFocused encourages teams to disable the fight, flight or freeze response during challenging situations by developing trust through timely, purposeful and consistent meeting rhythms. It is during difficult times when you need to keep a focused and level head to make the right decisions. Remember we manage human beings not human doings!

Empower your ‘team leads’ to become Focused Team Captains.

GetFocused 21 day program empowers team leads to become Focused Team Captains. Picture a journey where the course is set with the help of a number of ‘lighthouses’. The lighthouses are spaced out in such a way that it could be that there is a 21 Day SPRINT to reach one before turning attention to the next lighthouse. Your job as a Focused Team Captain is to help navigate your team, to and from a number of lighthouses. Understanding the needs and wants of all your team by giving the sense of purpose and direction. Until you finally arrive at your destination to reveal the box of treasure - your ambitious goal. After celebrating this achievement you then prepare to set off again on your next journey of adventure and fulfilment.

Compounding Habits to Achieve Ambitious Goals

GetFocused is a system that compounds the necessary habits and actions to routinely achieve ambitious goals through the power of accountability and radical transparency. We invite you to join a 21 day program that includes 3 months free access to the GetFocused Time Optimisation Tracker and a series of 5 x 1 hour training & accountability sessions to help navigate your team through the journey.

GetFocused Sprint - 5 x 1 hour sessions.

Day 1 - Action Plan

Day 2 - Brainstorm

Day 7 - Check in

Day 14 - Decision Making

Day 21 - Action Plan #2 (The team then begins their next sprint independently)

Our promise to you a 20% improvement in focused team performance.

There is no time to lose, book your FREE STRATEGY SESSION for more information on how your company could transform team leads in to Focused Team Captains and your talent can begin to focus on their head, heart and health goals with accountability and transparency.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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