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Introduction to the Discovery to Delight Buyer Journey

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

The Focused Discovery to Delight Buyer Journey consists of 4 key calls (there maybe more) but it is crucial to ensure these calls are scheduled in your diary and you provide value at each stage. (This post is most suitable for a B2B SaaS company that offers free trial or freemium of their software solution).

For each type of call in the journey Focused recommends spending varying amount of time in each stage of the 4 stages of the call:

How to allocate this time is indicated below in each of the Focused loops and it's important to schedule calls as follows:






Second Call



21 Day Free Trial



Upgrade / Paying Customer


Proactive Churn Prevention & Up Sell

Day : 1

Day : 4

Day : 25

​Day : 50

  • Please note - When to schedule the decision meeting depends on length of free trial - if 14 days, schedule the following Decision meeting on day 15.

It is important to understand that before the buyer has agreed to conduct a discovery call with you and effectively kickstarting the 4-call Focused Buyer journey. The customer is already aware of your business and what you offer. They may have heard about you from a friend, seen an advertisement, or come across your website. It is likely they have considered whether or not they want to use your product or service and have conducted some research, read reviews, or compare your business to your competitors. Acknowledging this will help ensure you stay focused on building a rapport with your customer and establish a lasting relationship.

The Discovery Call

At this stage, the customer has decided to 'book a demo'. They most likely need more information or have questions before making the decision of whether to sign up for the free trial.

In a Discovery Call, it's crucial to spend equal time in each respective stage. During the fourth stage, Discover and Delight, you should demo your product for only 5 to 6 minutes. The objective of this call is to schedule a second, in-depth demo call by showing only a little that is relevant to the client's needs, which will encourage and excite them to want to see more with other stakeholders and decision-makers involved in a second call.

The Demo Call

The second call, the In-depth Demo, should also last no longer than 30 minutes. At this stage, the customer has yet to decide to sign up for the free trial. They may need more information or have questions before making the final decision from key players in the meeting.

The focus of this meeting is on stage two, 'Share Updates/Problems''. This is the time to show the product and engage with the client. Ideally, this should take about 20 minutes. Feel free to share you screen during this phase but make sure you continue to engage with the representatives present. This will help you to identify whether, or not, they are understanding and following the live demo. In stage three, Evaluate Upgrade/Implications, address any questions, and ask them what they valued most or their concerns. In the fourth stage, Discover and Delight, spend 5 minutes agreeing on the next steps. Ideally, activate the demo, as this is the objective of the meeting.

The Decision Call

The third call is the Decision Call, and the objective is to upgrade to a paying customer after the free trial. This is the stage where the customer has actually been an active user of your service.

Spend most of the time in stage two, Share Updates/Problems. This is the time for the client to show you the product and share what they experienced. By all means enable the customer to share their screen and show you how they have utilised the product....this also provides excellent feedback on how you could improve the UX of your software. In stage three, Evaluate Upgrade/Implications, address any questions and concerns they have and seek advice on what improvements could be made. In the fourth stage, Discover and Delight, spend 5 minutes agreeing on the next steps. Ideally, they want to continue using the product.

The Delight Call

The fourth step is the Customer Delight Call. This meeting is typically scheduled 25 days after the decision call to understand whether or not they are still valuing the product/service. The objective of this call is proactive churn prevention and upsell. The customer may have questions or concerns about the product. They may also leave a review or give feedback. Focus on stage four, Discover and Delight, exploring new potential features and understanding what they would value.

If the customer had a positive experience, they may become a loyal customer and continue to use your business in the future. They may also refer others to your business.


To make the most of these calls, be free from distractions, open to engage, and commit to the routine. By following these focused habits, you'll be well on your way to building a lasting relationship with your customers. Best of luck!

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