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The 'Perfect' Meeting

There is a sweet spot between meetings and workshops that contains the best of both meetings and workshops. This sweet spot includes work before, during, and after. These core concepts are constantly being considered in developing GetFocused.


  • Focus on 45minute meetings (rather than 60mins)

  • Make it feel facilitated - like someone is running a specific process


  • There is a clear agenda - without trying to cover too much

  • There is a clear structure to the meeting

  • Ensure everyone knows:

    • What the meeting is about

    • What their role in the meeting is

    • What the target / outcome is

  • People prepare for the meeting

  • Don’t send too much information


  • Positive atmosphere

  • Check-in

  • Stay on time

  • Stay on focus

  • Stay with the structure

  • Brainstorming and idea sharing

  • Encourage out-of-the-box thinking

  • Ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate

  • Everyone has an opportunity to stand up and physically participate, if they want to

  • No hardware

  • No hierarchy

  • Feedback


  • Bulleted highlights in the end - results of the day

  • Clear deliverables / outcomes / action plan

  • Everyone knows what their next steps are


  • Visuals and colour

  • Flip chart

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