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The Pursuit of Magic

I share my Pursuit of Magic.

Magic often happens outside your comfort zone, hence my passion for the cold dips :)

Magic is 'Happiness' and the Secret to Happiness = Close Relationships, High Self Esteem Sense of Optimism

Close Relationships: GetFocused is providing the system to develop Trust. Trust is a habit that requires time, work and consistency.

High Self Esteem: I will cover in this here to view on YouTube.

Sense of Optimism: I am adopting a PLATO Mindset.....

People Focused whilst Relating

(Understand before being understood)

Listen & Learn by Example (Ask a lot Questions)

Ambitious in Goal setting (Embrace the Conflict & Struggle)

Transparent in Actions (Let Go of the Ego)

Optimistic in Attitude (Ok to Make Mistakes)

I hope this helps you on your journeys....and remember to BREATHE!!!

Have a great week!!

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