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Tired of losing notes in remote meetings - we've got your back!

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

I was in a zoom call yesterday and the presenter shared with me her email address to follow up with some information after the meeting.

Not wanting to get distracted, during the meeting, I thought I would send the email once the meeting concluded. However, once everyone had pressed the ‘red button’, the meeting had finished, and as if by magic this valuable note vanished!! If you have experienced this problem and you are searching for a way to resolve this…we have the solution…WHOOP WHOOP.

All notes, actions and goals in a FOCUSED meeting are saved in one place. If the particular task has been delegated to you it will even appear on your bespoke actions list…stated under the particular meeting type you were in. By clicking on the meeting title itself you get redirected to the meeting itself where you can view all notes and actions (not just those delegated to you).

All the notes, actions and tasks are saved to the meeting and ‘open delegated’ actions are showcased in every future meeting you conduct with this particular team / same meeting participants.

What are the results for FOCUSED Team Leads?

  • No losing notes in the ‘chasm of chat’

  • Trust comes from doing what you say. By uniting on purpose, sharing ideas, evaluating on merit and then delegating what matters. It holds people ACCOUNTABLE!

  • Recognise and appreciate progress.

This last point is critical when managing remote teams. We intentionally leave the completed task stroked in view for the following meeting, so that the team leads can recognise the progress being made by fellow team members. It is evident that for team's to have high levels of trust, engagement and empathy...appreciating and acknowledging progress is a huge value. This is especially the case when managing remote teams. It acts as a ‘virtual pat on the back’ that lines the way for a sense of belonging in your tribe.


Should you be interested in learning more about Meeting Rhythms for Wellbeing, The 7 Habits of Highly Focused Meetings and the Mindset to compound habits to achieve ambitious goals. I will be running weekly 40 minute webinars on these key topics in our Reduce Burnout and Increase Belonging Series.

This will include training on 3 key categories, Mindset, Habits and Routines.. as stated below:

  • Mindset to Compound Habits to Achieve Ambitious Goals

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Focused Meetings

  • Meeting Rhythms to build trust in teams

Please do contact us should to find out more. We would be happy to schedule a 30 minute introduction meeting.

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