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'We didn't think robots will be doing creativity'

A quote from a mind-blowing interview with Aidan Meller. The inspiration behind the world's first Artificial Intelligent Artist - Ai-Da.

Picasso took 10 years to get a first museum show. Damien Hirst took five years to get a first museum show. Ai-Da would have done 10 museum visits within a year and a half.

What she's about and where we're going with it is going to get ever more known as she asked these questions about what our future is.

Ai-DA represents the future!

Take a moment to watch the interview where we touch on the following topics.

How can we 'future proof' our kids?

Will there be a working week in the future?

What industries are potentially safe?

What issues and questions does Ai-Da shine a light on and how should society react.

How to manage ourselves during such dramatic shifts in technology?

You will learn more about Ai-Da's dramatic rise in popularity and the story that inspired her creation from playing lego with his son.

The full interview you can view at the top of the page.

It is fascinating and be prepared for your mind to be is certainly worth a watch!

What exciting times we live in!

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