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What a hedgehog can teach you about focus!

We had a little visitor in our garden last night!

Reminded me of a previous post I made:

In deep

We have all been there –  started a project, task or business which at first was an enjoyable and rewarding experience, but once in knees deep, turned into an arduous and overly demanding chore!

Walking into holocaust memorial in Berlin, near Brandenburg gate, mirrored these sensations….before you knew it you were lost in a labyrinth of oppressing, dark, grey pillars that from the outset appeared to be the same size as the ones on the perimeter. One’s that you could easily navigate around and oversee. I guess this was my interpretation of monument – an period in history where the world completely lost its way and meaning.

Having a Strategy Map in place helps you manage and navigate you through times when you find yourself in those dark places – it acts as compass and defence mechanism at the same time when the going gets tough.

Jim Collins in the book ‘Good to Great’ talks about managing your business as if you were a hedgehog rather than a fox.  Rather than running around the maze desperately seeking new opportunities and ways to escape, develop a slow but steady route that will get you to the other side in half the time and with a lot less energy. It may, even, require you to roll up like a ball and simply wait for the danger to pass and the light to shine.

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