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Why it is important to challenge yourself!

Could the reason we are so 'time poor' be due to the fact that….Everything has 'expanded' to such a huge degree apart from time?

These daily dips proactively remind me to slow down time…it certainly goes pretty slowly when you are sat in freezing water!

But what is quite funny - the more you practice the activities that challenge you, the faster the time goes…..Transitioning from freak out to flow state.

Rapid advancements of technology has bought with an abundance of choice. When we have a paradox of choice decision paralysis can kick in or we find it almost impossible to progress….

Due to an inability to focus and instant gratification caused by constant distractions feeding our ever increasing appetitive for our next hit of dopamine.

Slowing down, becoming more time and self aware you begin to feel better about yourself,…when you love oneself you can love and be loved.

So…take some time to GetFocused on what are the top 3 objectives for your day, week and month to help accomplish your head, heart and health goals.

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