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15 Discovery Call Questions

Updated: Feb 29

The purpose of a discovery call is to gather information about a potential customer or client's needs, challenges, and goals. By asking great questions, you can uncover critical information that can help you better understand their situation, tailor your pitch and short demo towards the end of the call, and ultimately provide more value.

Asking thoughtful questions, during your discovery call, shows that you're genuinely interested in the other person's needs and goals. This can help establish a connection and build rapport, which is critical in building a long-term relationship with a customer.

By asking relevant and insightful questions, in your discovery call, you can demonstrate your expertise in the industry or field. This can help build trust and credibility with the other person, which can be essential in winning their business.
 Picture yourself as a doctor consulting with a patient.

Asking great questions can help you determine if a potential customer or client is a good fit for your product or service. This can save you time and resources in pursuing leads that are unlikely to convert.

Overall, asking great questions during a discovery call can help you gather important information, build rapport, demonstrate expertise, and qualify leads. It's an essential part of the sales process that shouldn't be overlooked.

Please find below an example question template for a discovery call. In Focused you can automatically generate questions within our system to utilise during your Discovery, Demo, Decision and Delight calls.

Unite with Customer

Here are some techniques you can use to establish a common connection and build rapport from the get-go, with the help of Linkedin:

  1. Read their profile thoroughly and look for commonalities to use as talking points.

  2. Mention any mutual connections to establish credibility.

  3. Highlight common goals or challenges to show that you understand their situation.

  4. Reference recent posts or updates to demonstrate your interest in their content.

  5. Be authentic and genuine in your message, and focus on building a relationship rather than making a sale.



  1. Share: What led you to start looking for [product/service]?

  2. Share:: Can you walk me through any other solutions you have tried in the past? If so, what were the results?

  3. Share: How much money have you thrown at the problem? (Good indicator of budget)

  4. Share: What factors are most important to you when choosing a [product/service] provider? How many decision makers are there? How do you they make decisions as a team? (Authority)

  5. Share: Can you tell me about what could be some potential roadblocks that might prevent the implementation of a [product/service]?

  6. Evaluate: Please tell me, what kind of support or training would your team require to successfully implement a [product/service]?

  7. Evaluate: Can you talk to me about how do you measure the success of a [product/service] implementation?

  8. Evaluate: Can you walk me through your current process for [task]?

  9. Evaluate: Let's look in to a crystal ball and give me an idea on how you foreseen [product/service] fitting into your overall business strategy?

  10. Evaluate: Expectation management is crucial, please do let me know what could be your expectations for ongoing support and maintenance?

  11. Discover: Are there any specific features or functionalities that you're looking for in a [product/service]? How would these features address your current challenges?

  12. Discover: What are your primary goals for [product/service]? How would [product/service] address the challenges you're currently facing?

  13. Discover: What is your timeline for making a decision and implementing a solution? What benefits do you hope to gain from implementing a [product/service]?

  14. Discover: How would implementing a [product/service] improve your team's workflow and productivity?

  15. Discover: What role do you envision us playing in your business moving forward? How can we help you achieve your business goals with [product/service]?

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