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Conduct Discovery Calls that Convert!

An intuitive meeting tool & sales trainer, designed for early stage companies,
adopt the best practices, replicate success & accelerate growth in revenue.
It is time to Get FOCUSED team!!


You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems".

James Clear

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FOCUSED Discovery Call Agenda

Why Teams Like to

Get Focused?

"A simple, effective dashboard that allows me to make smart decisions"

I love the way Focused drives teams to ask the right questions and make decisions during meetings.


Ingrida Rone



Discover & Decide

Set it up once, and you're good to go. Start the meeting and follow a successful proven structure to conduct your discovery calls with purpose.

Focused tool is super simple to use, so you'll gain value from day one, by making suggested improvements in real-time! 

Listen Actively

Keep your growing sales team up to speed and motivated with an intuitive on-screen coaching tool.

Enhance the key habits and best practices that drives engagement and optimises sales cycles.

Focused provides objective feedback to ensure your team embrace the techniques and question sets that deliver results. View Video.

Focused Real Time Training Tool

Question Intelligence (Q.I)

Use the Focused A.I. Question Generator to create engaging customised discovery call question templates to utilise at each stage of your Focused discovery call. 

Focused improves your Q.I. by automatically generating question sets for future meetings.  Based  on feedback, analytics and insights gathered. View Video

Transform the way your sales team conduct discovery calls!

Focused will always be free, for Focused Founders, and at a fraction of the cost for teams, in comparison to similar tools. 

Don't be left powerless... 

Focused Discovery Call Dashboard



Gain Value from Day One

No Problems with GDPR


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