GetFocused : Hybrid Working that Works!
A meeting software solution to manage productivity and flexibility in your workforce.
We ensure everyone is on the same page and your time is well spent in virtual meetings.


Attractive, Easy and Rewarding to GetFocused with your team!

  • Attractive to reduce unnecessary admin by generating focused meeting agendas & minutes.​

  • Easy to increase engagement and routinely conduct purposeful virtual meetings.

  • Rewarding to review progress on goals and nurture a magnetic culture.

Meeting Rhythm - Dream.png

Magnetic Cultures in Remote Workforces.
Our Mission is to connect your people with purpose and destroy pointless meetings!
Our Vision is to build trust in your teams and nurture magnetic cultures with consistent, timely & people focused meetings.
It is time to unite on objectives, stay focused on what matters and record all insights in one place.

We, not only, improve the health of your meeting culture, but also each of your employees accordingly:
Freeing up more time to spend on the things that really matter.  Whether it be time with family/friends, staying physically and mentally well, or simply getting important work done.


Ingrida Rone - CHRO

“I love the way GetFocused

drives teams to make

decisions during meetings.”


Maris Dagis - CEO

“GetFocused takes our remote workers off the wall and into the workplace.


Liis Liin - Project Manager

“Everyone engaged and enjoying the meetings during our workshops.