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The number one question we are constantly being asked is: 'How can I improve the effectiveness of my team meetings?'.


Internal team meetings have exploded! Up to 80% of managers' time is spent in meetings. Leaving little time to actually get any practical work done.  Impacting the physical and mental well-being of your most valuable asset - your people. 

The biggest mistake that leads to an under-performing and ineffective working culture is not implementing any systems to effectively manage productivity whilst offering a flexible remote work culture. 

We designed this 3-minute scorecard to identify the main factors that are preventing your team from achieving their potential and give you recommendations to solve these problems you can put into place in your business immediately.


Manage Proactively

Meeting Rhythms for Flexible Working & Effective Onboarding.


Integrates with:

Google Calendar

Meet with Purpose

Record Tasks & Notes 
In Real-Time
All in One Place


Integrates with:

Zoom & Google Hangouts

Account for Performance


Punctuality Tracked
Insights Recorded
Engagement Analysed


Integrations Coming Soon:

Slack, Asana, Trello & Jiro.

We Build Trust in Teams

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Since 2005, we have been serving as trust architects, for the likes of Google, Quadrotech & Nestle.

Our training and meeting software develops focused meeting habits for highly effective remote TEAMS.  Connecting your global workforce & providing the key foundations for growth!

“It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time”. Steve Jobs


GetFocused is a system to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your meetings,  to increase profits, whilst maintaining a transparent and results orientated meeting culture of trust!

Click here to discover your Personal Focus Type. This will give you an indicator at what stage you perform best, during a highly focused meeting!


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