Meetings with Purpose!

  • Streamline Meetings

  •  Reduce Administration

  • Increase  Engagement


What is the R.O.I of your meetings?



Collaborate on Agendas

Simply set the meeting type, define the meeting topic(s) and share notes with everyone you meet with. 


Integrates with:

Google Calendar

During Meeting


Communicate Effectively 

Keep on topic, set specific and time-bound tasks & record notes with the focus-in-motion tracker in real-time.


Integrates with:

Zoom & Google Hangouts



Conclude Intuitively

Decisions recorded are pegged to the meeting and tasks delegated to those accountable.


Integrations Coming Soon:

Slack, Asana, Trello & Jiro.


Growing Trust in Teams

€ 0 / month

1 to 50 users

Wanting to focus a remote workforce during times of chaos.

€ 249 / month

50 to 100 users


Developing systems to increase market share whilst nurturing a meaningful meeting culture.

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100+ users


Striving to increase profits, whilst maintaining a transparent meeting culture of trust

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