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 Improve your

Listen Well, Talk Less, Discover More!

FOCUSED Discovery Call Agenda
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How it Works

Connect with purpose and destroy pointless meetings!

A meeting software solution designed to:

  • Streamline Meetings

  • Reduce Unnecessary Administration (pre, during and post meeting).

  • Increase Engagement

FOCUSED ensures everyone is on the same page and everything is in one place. 

Focused Discovery Call Dashboard



Gain Value from Day One

No Problems with GDPR

Our tool is super simple to use, so you'll gain value from day one, by making suggested improvements, in the moment, in real-time!  Focused tracks the key habits, best practices and actions that bring results fast. Not call recordings and transcripts that slows you up and bogs you down with ball-aching GDPR and legal issues.

Why Get Focused?

Invest your time where it's needed.

Focused Discovery Calls in Google Meets
Focused Buyer Journey

Discover to Delight

Set it up once, and you're good to go. No hassle or code required.

Focused is designed to work seamlessly with G-Suite, including Google calendar,  Google Meets and Zoom. Simply start the meeting and follow a successful proven structure for your discovery calls and internal team meetings.

Listen Actively

Recognise and reward progress over time. Keep your growing team up to speed and motivated with an intuitive in-screen coaching tool and personalised call analytics & insights.

Tracking key habits and best practices

Increase close rates and optimise sales cycles

Focused Real Time Training Tool
Focused Badges for Discovery Calls

Question Intelligence

Use our A.I powered Question Generator to create engaging discovery call question templates to utilise at each stage of your Focused call. 

Unite with the Customer

Share Pain Points

Evaluate Implications

Discover & Demo


Transform the way you conduct meetings!

Focused will always be free, for Focused Founders, and at a fraction of the cost for teams, in comparison to similar tools. 

Don't be left powerless. Sign up today for FREE



The latest from Focused

Our Clients

Why companies like Focused?

"A simple, effective dashboard that allows me to make smart decisions"

I love the way Focused drives teams to ask the right questions and make decisions during meetings.


Ingrida Rone


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