Collaborate on Agendas

Simply set the meeting type, define the meeting topic(s) and share notes with everyone you meet with. 


Integrates with:

Google Calendar

During Meeting


Communicate Effectively 

Keep on topic, set specific and time-bound tasks & record notes with the focus-in-motion tracker in real-time.


Integrates with:

Zoom & Google Hangouts



Conclude Intuitively

Decisions recorded are pegged to the meeting and tasks delegated to those accountable.


Integrations Coming Soon:

Slack, Asana, Trello & Jiro.


€ 0 / month

1 to 50 users

Wanting to focus a remote workforce during times of chaos.

€ 249 / month

50 to 100 users


Developing systems to increase market share whilst nurturing a meaningful meeting culture.

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100+ users


Striving to increase profits, whilst maintaining a transparent meeting culture of trust

“I love the way GetFocused

drives teams to make

decisions during meetings.”

Ingrida Rone,

tet Lattelecom


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